The Benefits of CSA Farms
  • Provides farmers a "guaranteed market" enabling us to do our best job possible for our farm members rather than search out weekly buyers.
  • Fosters a commitment and connection to our small local farm.

  • Introduces unfamiliar and unique varieties of healthy vegetables, including many heirlooms, which in turn helps teach seasonal eating habits.
  • Offers members the opportunity to eat and enjoy fresh and local produce grown without the use of any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or inorganic fertilizers.

  • Gives members a more sustainable food choice in a time when food travels on average 1300 miles to reach our tables.
CSA ~ Community Supported Agriculture

*Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between farmers and community members that provides a direct link between the production and consumption of food. Community members buy a share in a farm, in exchange for a season’s worth of locally grown, fresh, nutrient dense produce. When becoming a Steep Creek Farm CSA member, you are sharing the bounty of the season with us & making a commitment to help our farm succeed.  By choosing to become a member, you are joining a community of eaters seeking out sustainably grown food produced organically on a local farm.  We welcome you to the farm and invite you to participate in our U-pick opportunities as well as our annual Harvest Pot-Luck Supper. Get to know your Farmer as well as Where, and How your Food is grown!


"The fresh produce changed the way I ate and felt. Every box of veggies was like a present ... a gift fresh out of the garden. With their weekly newsletter, they inspired me to create new recipes. However, my favorite memory about my veggie box was simply having fresh greens to make amazing salads. I am so thankful to Meg and Adam for all the work they do to grow amazing food. I can't wait for summer!"
~ Jane Hillstrom 2012 & 2013 CSA Member

“We’ve never felt better than we have when enjoying fresh produce from Steep Creek Farm. In addition to having the most delicious produce all summer long, we continued to enjoy their harvest with a Fall CSA share.  Whether eating fresh, canning, freezing or storing the organically grown produce from Steep Creek Farm is bursting with flavor. The Goettelman’s have made their produce affordable and well worth every penny! With easy pick-up locations and a yearly farm party, supporting local farmers and farm to table produce has never been easier.” Ryan & Angela Sherman (2013 & 2014 Members)
Click on the picture above to view a short video about our farm.

Click on the picture above to view a short video about our farm.